New Level Thinking (NLT) is owned and managed by Dave Jackson. NLT was created to utilize information systems to optimize the flow and processing of data.

Filemaker 10-13

Expert utilization of Filemaker versions 10 through 13.


Interfaces that feature language changing options.

Data Analysis

Strategic Review and Analysis of Data Flows. Provision of SWOT analysis and flow diagrams.

Search Function

Custom advanced boolean search tools to simplify locating, organizing and entering data.

Email Functionality

Built-in mail merges and email capabilities.

Web Query

Pull data directly from websites via customized web queries.

Professional Layouts

Intuitive, functional, efficient and professional layouts, all custom built to meet client needs.

Automated Audits

Scheduled checks and flags occur automatically to ensure data validity.

Create PDFs

Dynamic reporting through the creation of multipage PDF reports based on the results of data analysis tools.

Highcharts Integration

Graphing and reference tools such as and google charts can be integrated directly into any custom solution.


Databases designed to work on Mac, Windows and iOS devices.

Self Contained Program

Ability to create stand alone systems that do not require additional software to run.

Our Approach

1. This is YOUR project

In order for a system to be successful, that system needs to reflect YOUR workflows and your needs. Prior to starting any project, a workflow analysis will be performed to define clear processes and requirements. This workflow will be verified with you both prior and during the development stage.

2. Feedback, whether positive or negative, is ALWAYS a good thing

Communication is the most important part of any project. "Negative" feedback is often the best feedback as it means you are invested in the outcome of the project and are paying attention to it's progress. Regular reporting is a key component of our development process. This can be accomplished through formal reporting or through regular scheduled teleconferences, but the goal of keeping you informed and in the loop of progress is the same.

3. Built to Last

Our main objective is to provide a solution that grows with your needs. Each solution is built in a modular fashion so as to allow additional functionalities and requirements to be added on without having to start fresh each time. It is also our objective to provide you with the tools and understanding required to manage the system day-to-day. A custom user interface will be developed to meet your preferences and can be accompanied with whatever documentation is required.


World Health Organization

Alberta Health Services

Canada Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network

Agence de Medecine Preventive

Public Health Agency of Canada

The University of Calgary

Alberta Association of Midwives


Integrated charts provide a visual representation of the data.

Integrated Charts

Data manipulation options increase user efficiency.

Manipulation of Data

Data analysis tools aid in the interpretation of data.


Create PDF reports directly from the database.


Custom search tools simplify locating, organizing and entering data.

Advanced Searches

Interfaces custom designed to be professional and simple to use.

Intuitive Interfaces

Unlimited field options to ensure accurate representation of data.


Homescreens that provide valuable information and quick access to tools.

Efficient Homescreens

Database solutions for any challenge.



Caring for the Whole Practice - The future of primary care

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Adverse events following yellow fever preventive vaccination campaigns in eight African countries from 2007 to 2010.

April 2013
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Improving usability of smoking data in EMR systems

Canadian Family Physician
January 2013
Stephanie Garies, MPH, Dave Jackson, Babak Aliarzadeh, MD MPH, Karim Keshavjee, MD CCFP, Ken Martin, MSc and Tyler Williamson, PhD

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Sentinel feedback: path to meaningful use of EMRs

Canadian Family Physician
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The Safety of Yellow Fever Vaccine 17D or 17DD in Children, Pregnant Women, HIV+ Individuals, and Older Persons: Systematic Review

The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
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Reporting rates of yellow fever vaccine 17D or 17DD-associated serious adverse events in pharmacovigilance data bases: systematic review.

Current Drug Safety
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Active and passive surveillance of yellow fever vaccine 17D or 17DD-associated serious adverse events: systematic review.

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Design and testing of an architecture for a national primary care chronic disease surveillance network in Canada.

Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
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